Meeting for intersquat exchange // Treffen für Intersquat Austausch

There is a coordination meeting for the intersquat exchange during the days on friday, 11th of may, at 12:00 in Rigaer 94.

Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen am Freitag, den 11. Mai um 12:00 zum einem Koordinationstreffen für den Intersquat Austausch während der Tage, in die Rigaer 94 zu kommen

From the call: „We want to offer the space for an exchange on our tactics and techniques, discussions and information within the Chaos and Discussion days at Rigaerstrasse […] Evictions, Repression, Surveillance, Prisons, the maggots using and supporting oppressive structures are everywhere let’s get together to support each other and smash the ball not just into their court but through its heart.“

More infos: Call and Update